The Summer that Shifted the NBA´s Momentum

How a few operations changed the entire landscape of the league

Fictional rendition of Kawhi Leonard in his future LA Clippers jersey. Source: TSN

It rewarded smart, stable management

Jerry West, at a Clippers press conference. Source:
The Oklahoma City Thunder have the richest collection of draft assets in the NBA. Source: SLAM
Mike Conley, while still in the Grizzlies, and Donovan Mitchell chat after a Grizzlies-Jazz game. They will be teammates in Utah. Source: The J Notes

It popularized two-star teams

Three of the NBA´s brand new five superstar duos. Source:
LeBron James and Anthony Davis celebrate during the 2019 All Star Game in Charlotte. Source: The Big Lead
Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons during a game of the 2018–2019 NBA season. Source: NBC Sports Philadelphia
Russell Westbrook and James Harden, during their stage with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Source: Yahoo! Sports

It made the NBA better

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