And Explain Why Highly Successful People Thrive in High-Stakes Scenarios

I recently came across one of the best interviews I have ever listened to. It was Tim Ferriss’ conversation with Hugh Jackman on Ferriss’ podcast, The Tim Ferris Show, which is an endless source of wisdom for many areas of life.

Hugh Jackman is widely known as one of the…

LinkedIn’s algorithm is today’s equivalent of the Coca-Cola formula

Spoiler alert: this is not your conventional “How-To” LinkedIn guide

LinkedIn has become one of the most relevant online platforms. With more than 675 million members around the world, it is by far the most important professional networking site in the world. Created by Reid Hoffman in 2002, it was…

Javier Romero

Sports, communications, and personal development enthusiast. I seek interesting concepts and ideas and try to put them into simple words.

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